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Whywe exist

Time for action

We are facing unprecedented social and environmental challenges. We can no longer wait to find answers.

Even though we have everything needed to solve the challenges, yet in spite of a huge desire to act... there's still too little action.  Human beings are endowed with unlimited creativity and a multitude of new technologies which offer us tremendous possible alternatives.  According to our study conducted with specialized consultants, 94% of French people want to contribute to solving these social and environmental issues but only 6% do it through their work.

3 major issues

Since 2014 it is our mission to actively engage talents to contribute to solving our major social and environmental problems:

  • Accelerating the ecological transition
  • Eradicating all forms of social exclusion
  • Developing the capacities of each individual

Everyone's talents can change the world

In particular, we believe that work is a great playground: each of us spends an average of 80,000 hours working in our lives. What an opportunity to create the world we really want! We consider that the small daily actions taken outside the workplace are not enough. We see workplaces as the best lever to have a positive impact in the world.


We support those who wish to make a positive impact on society through their work, but do not know how. We are convinced that each individual has a unique potential. We accompany each person to find his or her own way to change the world at his or her own level.

We support both :
  • Entrepreneurs who want to create their own purpose-driven organization,
  • Corporate changemakers (leaders and employees) who want to contribute to the social and ecological transition of their organization,
  • People in reorientation or unemployed people who want to have an impact-oriented work.
We design and deliver transformative learning experiences, either face-to-face or from home.

Our values


We want to change the world

entrepreneurial attitude

We are entrepreneurs


We share our energy


We believe in each human's potential

High level of demand

We want to make our impact sustainable

measuring our impact

In 2020, for the second time, we measured the impact of our programs on our beneficiaries.
In order to guarantee a rigorous and thorough evaluation process, we have surrounded ourselves with the impact measurement specialists from (IM)PROVE and with the French number 1 Tech for Good Share it.

Here are 3 key figures from our
impact measurement 2014-2019:

105,300 people have been impacted,
directly or indirectly,
via our programs and external interventions
43% of our beneficiaries
are engaged in an impact-driven work.
They work in a profession that contributes to providing solutions to ecological and social issues.
71% of our beneficiaries' working time
has a positive impact on society
after Ticket for Change*

*Source: Goodwill Management study, carried out on the basis of the 2020 impact measurement data.

Download the 2020 impact assessment

Our partners and sponsors

they co-construct the adventure with us, and make it possible.

Impossible to do without them

From our very first steps, in 2014, we wanted to surround ourselves with partners: individuals and organizations from public, private and associative sector actors. They guide us, challenge us, help us to grow, finance us... without them, Ticket for Change would not exist!

Committed together to an ambitious and demanding approach, we hope to achieve with others what no one has achieved alone: to respond to the social and environmental challenges of our century.

They support us

"We choose to support projects like Ticket for Change in a profound and long-term way, so that we ourselves can be changed''.

Gilles Vermot-Desroches, Sustainable Development Director Schneider Electric

"We are not doing this to communicate but to support the work of social entrepreneurs and to participate in the change of model".

Florence Morgen, Director of Sustainable Development, Vyv Group

Emery Jacquillat, CEO of Camif and President of the community of companies with a mission

"Business is the most powerful lever for transforming society that we have at our disposal."

"Ticket for Change is an extraordinary process. Well done.''

Emmanuel Faber, Chairman of the International Sustainability Standards Board, Changemaker

"We wanted to thank you! We have never seen a project like yours before!"

François Rouvier, Director of Renault Mobiliz

"Being a partner of Ticket for Change means acting together towards a sustainable food transition. With you and your project leaders, a new ethical and solidarity-based model is being built, thank you!"

Marie-Astrid Raoult, Director of the Carrefour Foundation

They are already part of the adventure

Founding partner
Public partners
Private partners
Ecosystem partners

the labs

A societal open-innovation approach

A lab is a financial partner that supports a specific social issue. They support our social entrepreneurs who have innovative projects in their sectors, in order to maximize their impact and make their project sustainable!

and if you write the rest with us?

Alice Godinho
Development & Partnerships

Support us

You too can be part of our story and help us maximize our impact! Our association needs everyone's contributions to grow. Whether you are an individual or a company, your donations allow us to reach more and more people.

Support us

The ticket team

A view from a height of 29.24 metres

Madeleine Ceyrac Laming

International replication

Sophie Delile

Outreach and spokesperson

Alice Godinho

Development and partnerships

Blandine Billard

Administrative and financial management

Juliette François

Entrepreneurs and spokespersons

Emma Noël

1er Acte (formerly Match du Siècle)

Coline Brillaud


Matthieu Dardaillon


Adèle Galey

Awareness-raiser and co-founder

Anne-Maryse Van der Slikke

International replication

Cosima Delbaere--Pernin


Joséphine Bouchez

General Manager Ticket for Change and co-founder

Laura Chateigner

Development 1st Act (ex Match of the Century)

Guillaume Marchal

Accompanying Entrepreneurs

Manon Chevalier

Marketing & Development

The Corporate for Change team

A total of 346 kilos of grey matter

Ludovic Fourlinnie

Activator of companies with a mission

Thibault Fosseux

Corporate for Change and Spokesperson

Mathieu Favard

Activator of talents and companies in Mission

Céline Vienne

Talent & Impact Business Activator and Spokesperson

The team of volunteers

Who enable us to spread our learning methods throughout France Join them →
Etienne Guilbeau
Leo Aniesa
Julie Moreau
Etienne Lecuit
Elodie Wacheux
Laura Degracia
Ludovic Fourlinnie
Julie Tan
Antoine Moffroid
Jeanne Chugunova
Éléonore Essomba
Marie Jadeau
Malo Trégouët
Guénaëlle Renaud
Philippe-Alexandre Vanhoye
Ambroise Caspar-Fille-Lambie
Léonie Vigier
Marie-Pierre Létang
Mathilde Déom
Andrea Capus
Carine Breda
Nathalie Latrille
Sarah Lamoureux
Than Vu
Aymeric Cambrillat
Véronique Persico
Audren de Kerhor
Régine Feldgen
Sophie Milesi
Marine Louessard
Carole Andriamadison
Florence Amardeilh
David Gourju
Céline Bastin
Jason Wilson
Margaux Dacquet
Baptiste Jacquemet
Marie Lionet
Emilie Parisot
Cécile Ménard
Morgane Gacon
Aurore Monod-Broca
Mylène Menaut
Francesca Foti
Sophie Bacrot
Christelle Sechet Carpy
Amandine Garriet
Marie Boulant Rodriguez
Léo Meuris
Loïc Coudret
Constance Commogeille
Eva Van Den Kerchove
Claire Pouchain
Nicolas Lebeau
Pierre-Pascal Bouf
Pauline Gane
Laure Terrien
Isabelle Maréchal
Paul Soncourt
Sarah Dubois
Céline Monteil
Fanny Dolomieu
Coralie Carminati
Nizar Sbaih
Laurence Besançon
Valentin Delecourt
Gwenaëlle Briard
Anne Goujon
Marion Monnier
Margaux Delabie
Marie Dullin
Audrey Mandefield
Anne-Gabriel Desseix
Lucie Farenc
Claire Operto
Brigitte Stroh
Valérie Le Guay
Alexis Blum
Abdel El Guenfoud
Aurore Quémard
Noémie Frohn
Antoine Mayat
Margaux Sion
Eugenie Duterte
Liv Guilloteau
Anaïs Philippe-Magdelaine
Marion Maestripieri
Antoine Payen
Magaly Pauly
Sophie Changeur

Would you like to join us?

We are always on the lookout for new talents.

Please visit our dedicated page to find out about our current vacancies or to make a spontaneous application.

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