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From the factory to the head office... All actors in the Bonduelle mission!

The challenge

To make 100% of the employees involved in Bonduelle's social mission.

Client :
Duration :
November 2016 - November 2018 (24 months)
Trade :
Supporting intrapreneurial projects

What we experienced

Our collaboration began in 2016 with a very simple (but completely crazy!) brief: to allow 100% of employees to take ownership of Bonduelle's social mission in order to commit to it and embody it with concrete projects. Knowing that 70% of employees work in the factory or in the fields.

Inspired by the film Tomorrow, we were convinced that a lot was already being done in the company and that some ideas just needed a little push to take root! 

So we came up with the #Tomorrow programme: 6 online modules to facilitate the transition to action for all those who are motivated to launch a project, alone or in a team. This programme continues to be followed today.

The process has now been launched and is recognized as one of the levers of positive transformation for the company. The challenge is to spread it as widely as possible by relying on a network of ambassadors and to support the cultural changes it implies so that everyone can actively contribute to Bonduelle's new dream: to become a BCorp!

This announcement by Christophe Bonduelle, Chairman of Bonduelle, in April 2018 confirmed the work accomplished over the last few months and we are very proud to be part of this adventure!

Barbara Grossmann
Barbara Grossmann

What this has made possible

The #Tomorrow programme has supported several dozen projects in France and abroad, in factories and offices.

More importantly, we have seen the emergence of a community of change agents within the company and hundreds of Bonduelle employees have set out to make their company's social mission a reality. 

We were the first to be surprised by the fact that ALL initiatives, whatever their scale, are a vector of cultural change and contribute to developing pride in belonging to the company as well as an entrepreneurial attitude and commitment on the part of employees.

people were made aware of the All Actors approach, including 495 All Actors of the Social Mission
workshops in France and Canada at Bonduelle's plants and headquarters
kilos of honey harvested on the Labenne site, the first factory to be activated

Anne-Sophie Ketterer

CSR Group Manager, Bonduelle

"With Corporate for Change, we started with an intuition: that each employee could be an actor in the sustainable transformation of the company. From there, we experimented with different programmes with successes, challenges and unforgettable moments.

The team's kiff on this project

Dancing to Magic System with the teams at the end of a factory workshop! An amusing anecdote that illustrates two of our convictions: the importance of celebrating everything that has already been done and...JOY as a lever for commitment and reinvention of the company!

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