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Building tomorrow's mobility and initiating a positive transformation through social business!

Our challenge

Supporting Renault employees who wish to launch a social intrapreneurship project: moving from idea to action by testing a first POC (Proof of Concept) social innovation.

#gain confidence and get started #validate your idea in the field #prototype your solution #construct your business model #pitch your project #social business is not only social, it's also profitable.

Client :
Duration :
One week bootcamp
Trade :
Supporting intrapreneurial projects

What we experienced

After 5 years of collaboration between Ticket for Change and Renault, 2018 marks a new stage in our beautiful common history. Corporate for Change and Renault have indeed launched this year the first social intrapreneurship programme within the company.

A successful experience that will be followed by others in 2019... This international programme offered to 11 Indian, Argentinean and French intrapreneurs enabled us to support 4 united and motivated teams. We co-constructed with the Renault teams a programme based on 3 pedagogical bricks: inspiration, introspection, and taking action.

Given the international dimension of the programme, we have favoured a flexible training path with a double accompaniment:

- Remote for the field immersion / problem validation phase

- Face-to-face with a 5-day bootcamp to take action and prototype.

The philosophy of this programme can be summed up as follows: a little methodology, a lot of practice and, above all, the energy to stay committed until the end!

In addition to allowing intrapreneurs to discover new working methods inspired by the world of start-ups (design thinking, social business canvas, prototyping, etc.), we wanted to enrich the pedagogy with a logic of openness to the ecosystem:

- Inspiration sessions with experienced intrapreneurs

- Mentoring/crashtest sessions with Renault stakeholders but also external mentors (entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs).

Despite the moments of doubt experienced by some of the intrapreneurs, they managed to stay the course and complete the programme. As a closing event, they had the chance to participate in a pitch contest in front of Renault's management and to present their ambition and the next steps for the launch of their POC.

International teams
All united to invent new mobilities

What this has made possible

This first programme demonstrated the importance of the human element and emotions as the basis of the pedagogy and thus enabled the intrapreneurs to gain confidence in themselves and believe in their project despite their doubts.

The course enabled 11 Renault employees to experiment with new working methods and new postures, such as through design thinking, where they dared to go and meet their beneficiaries to validate their problem.

The ambition of each team and the will to win the pitch contest did not prevent the creation of a community of intrapreneurs, and the bootcamp was marked by strong cooperation between the teams. Co-operation has become a reality!

Through this programme and the 4 projects supported, it was also important for the Renault teams and for us to show that social business is not only social but also profitable. It is therefore possible in a company like Renault to reconcile business objectives with social issues!

projects, 11 intrapreneurs coached, 100% have taken action
months of remote coaching and 6 days of bootcamp in Paris
as a satisfaction rating for the experience throughout the programme

Oliver Faust

Senior Vice President, CSR, Renault Group

"This first edition of the intrapreneurship social business programme at Renault was very positive. The support enabled the intrapreneurs to move from dream to reality! Each team was able to develop its concept and thus move from idea to action, while at the end of the programme they were able to use an impactful pitch to convince people of their project.

The Kiff of the team

We are proud of this first social intrapreneurship programme at Renault!

It's a real wave of energy and optimism for the whole team, given the state of mind of Renault's 11 social intrapreneurs.

We have had the pleasure of accompanying close-knit teams and committed, ambitious but benevolent and positive intrapreneurs: " alone we go faster, together we go further!

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