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48 hours on the road to the mission company

Our Challenge

For 48 hours, 30 employees and managers from 12 companies(Danone, BNP Paribas, EDF, Bonduelle, Decathlon, Cofidis, Monabanq, BPCE, Ceetrus, Vilogia, Demathieu-Bard, Seabird) are taking part in a learning expedition to get inspired and identify how to initiate or contribute to a positive transformation within their organisation.

Client :
Duration :
14 - 16 November 2018 (2 days)
Trade :
Supporting intrapreneurial projects

What we experienced

The 2018 Odyssey started with an inspirational evening "Dare to Dream the Company" gathering over 150 people in Roubaix. The aim of this evening was to show that dreams have a place in business and can be embodied in a meaningful mission that responds to the major social and environmental challenges of our time (find out more: Why companies must learn to dream again). On this occasion, Antoine Lemarchand and Christophe Audouin, the pioneering directors of Natures & Découvertesand Les 2 Vaches shared how they dared to dream their company and... take action. The Cour des Contes then invited us to dream about the company of tomorrow through an original tale.

Our 30 explorers then continued their journey for two days with a programme including field trips(Bonduelle and Loos-en-Gohelle) to gain inspiration, a serious game to experiment with the postures of change agents and collective intelligence workshops to identify the first concrete actions in relation to the issues raised by the participants.

The Odyssey in Serious Game mode
The Odyssey in Serious Work mode

What this has made possible

The Odyssey 2018 allowed participants to get inspired, gain energy and identify one or more actions to implement in their company in order to contribute to its positive transformation. To achieve this, participants feel they have developed their network and creativity, experienced new working methods and identified concrete tools to help them launch a project and/or engage employees in the process.

participants from 12 companies from all sectors
of participants would 'definitely' recommend the Odyssey to colleagues
identified one or more actions to be implemented in their company


Positiv'Impact Booster - Decathlon

"These two days have given me a lot of energy. I have learned tools and I leave with ideas to strengthen our role in society with even stronger actions.

The team's kiff

The 2018 Odyssey was also a bit of our own Odyssey. Since January 2018, we have initiated a team approach to work on our vision, our convictions and our dream organisational model. The 2018 Odyssey allowed us to experiment with this and to feed our approach. A real vision-experimentation project that made us grow as a team, what a blast!

If you too want to live this adventure towards the mission enterprise, go here to pre-register for the 2019 edition!

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