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Connecting to your purpose

Our challenge

Designing a 3-day seminar for managers and employees of all profiles to get them on board with the company's raison d'être

Client :
Duration :
November 2018 - September 2019 (10 months)
Trade :
Supporting intrapreneurial projects

What we experienced

In 2018, Radiall launched a collaborative process to define its raison d'être: beyond their business of designing and manufacturing interconnection solutions for players in the space, aeronautics or telecommunications markets, what contribution to the world do they wish to have or develop through their activity?

Based on the book by Matthieu Dardaillon Activate your talents, they can change the world and an adaptation of the IKIGAI tool, collaborative workshops were held in all the countries where the company is present to draft a first version of the company's raison d'être, expressed in the form of a Manifesto.

So how can we enable all the company's managers and employees to appropriate this raison d'être and use it as a lever to support the company's transformation towards sustainable development?

This is the purpose of the "Connect Together" seminar that we have co-designed and co-facilitated with the teams in charge of the transformation. On the agenda:

- Inspiration with testimonies of actors who have initiated concrete transformations in their community (Jean-François Caron, Mayor of Loos-en-Gohelle) or their company (Charles Felgate, Vision Leader at Décathlon) based on a raison d'être and a mission

- Workshops on ownership of the raison d'être

- Action-oriented workshops with concrete operational action pitches

©2019 Radiall
©2019 Radiall

What this has made possible

As a first step in the appropriation and setting in motion of the company around their raison d'être, the "Connect Together" seminar allowed :

- Participants' adherence to the concept of raison d'être

- The awareness that changing practices can be done by everyone

- A willingness to take action to anchor the raison d'être through concrete operational actions

- Increased confidence in top management

- Increasing the commitment of the participants

participants from 5 different countries
of participants say they want to take action in their practices and decisions
Pitching projects to activate the company's raison d'être

Dominique Buttin

Managing Director of Radiall

"The Corporate for Change team did an outstanding job of coaching us during our Connect Together seminar, which aimed to activate Radiall's raison d'être. They provided us with the right tools and were both very present and very discreet, allowing the participants to express themselves fully: a real professional team!

The Kiff of the team on this project

The warm and constructive exchange between Pierre Gattaz - Chairman of Radiall and former President of the MEDEF - and Jean-François Caron - local elected official and pioneer of the social and environmental transition - to share their respective visions of a "new capitalism" more respectful of people and the environment.

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