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Activating your intrapreneurial potential under the Provencal sun

The challenge

As part of The Camp's PASS training programme, a one-day inter-company event to change your perspective and take action to change the way your organisation works!

Client :
Duration :
1 day
Trade :
Supporting intrapreneurial projects

What we experienced

Through our ability to change the way we look at our surroundings, to formulate an engaging vision and to implement it through concrete actions, we are all potential entrepreneurs, capable of contributing concretely to the transformation of our organisations. This is the journey that is proposed during this workshop.

The starting point: a change of perspective that allows us to see opportunities beyond the constraints, to explore new sources of innovation, to question the status quo in the service of a vision. Vision is the second stage of the journey. It is about exploring how starting from the vision can trigger systemic and meaningful transformations.

The participants are then inspired by meetings and concrete testimonies of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, which will give them the confidence to take action. With the help of the group, each participant identifies his or her first steps to move the lines in their organisation!

The Camp in... round table.
Towards the future... of work!

What this Made possible

To understand the importance of "changing our view" and to experience it in order to start an individual and collective transformation.

Through introspection and collective intelligence exercises, identify your raison d'être and make the link with that of your company.

Discover the entrepreneurial postures behind innovations and exchange with entrepreneurs / intrapreneurs to learn from their backgrounds and experiences.

Get moving through a collective intelligence session to move forward on concrete issues in your organisation.

programme participants to date
companies directly affected
LinkedIn article written by a participant following the exercise

Philippe Roussière

Global Lead of Accenture Research Innovation Services

"I benefited directly from this training by practising several techniques including creative consultation in a small committee on a complex project and at the heart of my role as an intrapreneur."

The team's kiff

As soon as we arrived at The Camp, we were like children in front of this disruptive building that looks like a spaceship that has landed in the middle of the scrubland...

We feel good in this "base camp" where we "explore the future" especially as the approach is humanistic and respectful of the environment!

The magic of the place catalyses the intensity of the exchanges with the participants, which makes the experience of these days unique.
The only regret is that we still haven't been able to test the swimming pool...

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