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create your own podcasts

Building a career with impact: they give you their best advice from the trials and tribulations of their lives!
Rated 5/5 on Apple Podcast.

Would you like to make your own podcasts?

We strongly believe in the power of the podcast to tell the stories of those who are engaged, and to inspire as many people as possible!

That's why we train others to make podcasts of committed and inspiring people!

To facilitate the sharing of experiences & learnings between change-makers on a large scale!

You can start with our online training. And if you feel like it, you can apply to become a Ticket for Change podcaster at the end of the training!

Follow the training

a tailor-madesolution

Are you a company? Do you want to promote the experience of inspiring people in your organisation? Create your own podcast!

We offer a customised training course (Datadock registered) to teach you how to create your own feedback podcasts!

Contact us
And in case you still have questions:

How does the training work?

1) Firstly online! It is 30% theoretical and 70% practical. On the programme: workshops, role plays, quizzes, memo cards & a roadmap!

2) Then, at the end of this online training course, you can decide to apply to become a Ticket for Change podcaster & produce Real Life podcasts!

You will then benefit from :
- Additional free training in synchronous mode (1/2 day)
- Visibility in our podcasts
- The best advice from our team
- A network of Ticket for Change podcasters to help you!

Whatwill I learn ?

At the end of the online course you will be able to :

  • Identifying a good interviewee, a good topic, the right questions to ask
  • Conducting an interview with the person you are interviewing by helping them to get to the point and the most interesting part of the interview
  • Recording & editing a podcast
  • Hosting & distributing a podcast

How long does it last ?

  • 2.5 hours of videos to watch
  • About 15 hours of practical training to be distributed as you wish
  • 1/2 day online training if you want to become a Ticket for Change podcaster and you are selected!

What doI use?

All our know-how! In just a few hours of training, we can give you all our secrets, after more than a hundred podcasts, sometimes successful and sometimes not.

A first podcast made. You leave the online training with your first podcast!

Our training booklet! And a lot of exchanges with the other podcasters of the training!

AND How much does it cost?

The online training is not free. The additional training is free if you are selected to be a Ticket for Change podcaster.

- Price for individuals: 130€ (incl. VAT), if you pay with your OPCO, 350€ (administration fees)
- For companies, tailor-made solutions are available. Let's talk about it:

and if not you can make a podcast for me?

Yes, that can be done too. As part of a service. You can contact for this.

they did it, without regret

Social startups, companies... many have tried the recipe
On the occasion of their annual event, the Summer Universities of the Economy of Tomorrow, we produced a series of co-branded podcasts.
We have produced a series of co-branded podcasts.
We accompanied employees of the Alliances Française Canada to help them produce their own podcast.