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Engage your students inpositive impact careers

And this, through :

  • workshops on self-knowledge to define one's professional orientation
  • experimentation of the entrepreneurial posture and transversal skills to better adapt to the job market of tomorrow
  • of innovative pedagogies to discover how to act
I want to know more

students made aware of impactful careers

partner schools from college to master

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years of innovative teaching methods


It's primal and here's why!

Students are facing a real awareness of the climate and social emergency and feel the need to be accompanied (3 out of 4 students say they consider the future to be worrying, according to the Kantar Institute)

The job market is changing: 90% of tomorrow's jobs do not yet exist. It is urgent to help them adapt to these changes

The relationship with work is changing, as evidenced by the great resignation: young workers need more than ever to find meaning and to know their motivations, talents and skills to better orient themselves

what we offer you

We offer you tailor-made educational modules adapted to your needs,
to the level and curriculum of your students.

Customized workshops

Workshops tailored to your schedule, time, budget and educational goals. All of them are designed to help your students in their professional orientation towards high impact careers

Training of your teams

To enable you to be autonomous in the long term and to engage your teaching teams in supporting students towards careers with impact

An innovative pedagogy

For the past 8 years, we have been creating and facilitating innovative pedagogies, based on inspiration, introspection and action, so that your students can get to know themselves, open up the field of possibilities and take concrete action through their future work

Let's exchange together

at the end of the exploration you will have...

Day 1

18H - 18H30


18H30 - 19H

Inclusion & energising

19H - 20H

Intro: Our talents can change the world

20:00 - 21:00

Identify its social issues

21H - 22H

Collaborative aperitif

Day 2

9:00 - 9:30 AM

Welcome & breakfast

9.30AM - 10AM

Powering up

10H - 13H

Discovering your talents

14H - 15H

Meeting with a change agent

3pm - 4.30pm

Defining personal success

16H30 - 18H

Present your professional project

18H - 18H30

Closing of the day

18:30 - 21:00

Aperitif in town

Day 3

9:00 - 9:30 AM

Welcome & breakfast

9.30AM - 10AM

Inclusion & energising

10H - 12H

Asking the right questions

12:00 - 13:00

Meeting with a change agent

14H - 15H

Dreaming about your professional future

15H - 16H30

Define your action plan

16:30 - 17:30

Closing of the Exploration


And tell you about it in a series of 5 podcasts. Find out what they learned and their advice for action!

Anne-France Piteaux,
CSR Director at Kedge Business School

"To be an actor of change, nothing beats experimentation. Experimenting is putting their knowledge into practice, working for what they care about, allowing them to get to know the territory and to grasp in a concrete way the issues and realities of the ecological and social transition."

Antoine Philippeau,
Alumni of the University of Bordeaux

"To engage students in the ecological and social transition, we need to integrate them directly and build the University's transition with them."

François Collin,
Director of the ecological transition at HEC

"I wanted to align my professional life with my personal beliefs, and the best way to do that was to contribute to the ecological transition of the school I work at."

Some examples

The match of the century

A fun and creative 3-hour workshop, to regain confidence in the future, act for the world of tomorrow and invite students to think about the impact of their future profession on the environment and society

To discover here

Awareness of impact quarries

An awareness module on positive impact careers to inspire your students to get involved through their work through inspiring examples and stories

In the skin of an impact entrepreneur

A day of inspiration and experimentation of the entrepreneurial posture to allow your students to be actors of their professional orientation

They trust us

Laura, Manon & Céline

Shall we discuss it?

Laura, Manon and Céline, in charge of student and school relations, are available to answer your questions, your needs and help you build your ambition for the coming years!

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