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"Activate your talents, they can change the world

This book is a practical guide to help everyone find their way as a change agent and build a career with impact.
Following the success of the first edition, a second refined edition - both slimmed down and expanded - based on reader feedback, was released on 25 August 2020!

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520 pages of methods, concrete tools and inspiring examples
What you will find :

A manifesto

to encourage action on the major issues facing society, through our work, each with our own unique talents!


and advice from people who have chosen impact careers 


in 12 steps and 80 tools to find your own way as a change agent 

order the book

All royalties from this book are donated to the non-profit organisation Ticket for Change

Order the book

6 good reasons to read this book


Each of us will spend an average of
80,000 hours working in our lifetime


85% of the jobs of 2030 do not yet exist today

The search for meaning is a phenomenon that affects all generations

We face unprecedented social and environmental challenges

Commitment to society has become a real career optiontoday

Each of us has a unique potential... and the world needs our talents!

The author

Matthieu Dardaillon, 30, is a social entrepreneur (Ashoka Fellow). Co-founder of Ticket for Change, he has always looked for ways to have the most positive impact in his professional life.

This book is the result of 10 years of research and exploration. I share the mindset and tools that helped me find my way, and still help me on a daily basis to pursue my mission.

He invites you on a journey to find out what unique things you can bring to the world. It's up to you!

Matthew in the middle of an explanation

readers' opinion

Beware: this book could change your life! [...] It is hard to find a more inspiring book. A precious gift.''

Frédéric Lopez, television host and producer

You are lucky! This book will help you to reveal yourself. Firstly to yourself, because you are extraordinary. And then to the world, because your talents only exist to shine in the service of others! ''

Félix de Monts, founder of Vendredi

Like Gandhi or Pierre Rabhi before him, Matthieu Dardaillon invites us to move from being spectators to being actors of change.

Arnaud Mourot, Ashoka, the world's leading network of social entrepreneurs

Unleash your creativity, activate your talents, invent the world of tomorrow! Everything is to be done, the only limit is the time we have no more to lose..."

Maxime de Rostolan, founder of Fermes d'Avenir

''Matthieu Dardaillon delivers here a book... of public utility!

Marie Trellu-Kane, co-founding president of Unis-Cité

To all those who want to change things, to participate in the construction of a more united, fairer and more inclusive world, I strongly recommend reading this book.

Saïd Hammouche, President and founder of Mozaik RH

Thanks to all these tools and advice, I am now making a daily contribution to changing the world in my own way. I know why I get up in the morning and I live my work with passion.

Julie Chapon, co-founder of Yuka

''The reference book for all those who want to contribute to the improvement of our societies. It is urgent and important to read it, and especially to put it into practice!"

Youssef Oudahman, co-founder of Meet My Mama

This book is an urgent call to summon in each of us what we are here for! "

Lakdar Kherfi, founder of Médiations Nomades