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Our future
is played out together

A collaborativeexperience
To build today the world of our dreams

Imagine 2050

It's not about competition but about cooperation. With your team, you will experience 3 hours ofimmersive adventure in 2050, in a world where everything is possible. Together you will unleash your imagination and your dreams for the world of tomorrow.

Meeting the challenges of our century

Join a community of thousands of change agents who refuse fatalism and who act everywhere in France to build a more equal and ecological world. Our game to all!

Taking action

At the crossroads of your dreams and talents, you will discover how to contribute to a fairer and more sustainable future. At the end of the experience, you will leave with concrete actions to take control of your future without delay. Ready for the Match of the Century?

They have experienced the adventure


"The Match of the Century is a powerful and delicate moment that encourages us to inspire each other. 


"I leave with keys that will allow me to act at my level. I have a clearer vision of what my priorities are for the future. 


"I leave with useful advice on concrete actions that I can undertake in the near future, but also on why I do what I do and what drives me. 

A decisivemeeting

With your teammates, you will challenge the social and environmental emergencies of our century. We call on your boldness, creativity and cooperation skills to imagine and build a brighter, happier, fairer and greener society. Your talents can make a real difference!

I am participating

At the end of the game you will have met : 

  • A community of positive change actors
  • Your wildest dreams
  • Your skills as a change agent
  • Your project for the world of tomorrow and ideas to start making it happen

upcoming dates

We'll see you in several cities in France

No new dates for the moment...

But don't panic, we'll be adding them regularly!
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Our partners

Nous construisons les sessions du Match du Siècle à leurs côtés et avec leur soutien

VOUS SOUHAITEZ organiser un
match du siecle ?

Together let's grow the movement by organising a workshop...

Dans VOTRE tiers-lieu

Do you manage a venue in Paris, Lille, Nantes, Marseille, Lyon or Bordeaux?
Let's see together how to make your communityexperience the Match of the Century.

In your school

Whether you are a teacher, a pedagogical manager, or a school or university director in contact with young people aged 16 to 25, contact us to co-construct a Match of the Century for your students!

In your company

Proposez un Match du siècle à vos collaborateurs et permettez leur de faire émerger des idées à impact positif au sein de l’entreprise


"As an animator, I participate in my own way in the construction of a better world. I am convinced that we all have a role to play in shaping the world of tomorrow!" 

Becoming an animator of the century

We are looking for volunteers throughout France to facilitate Century Matches in partner venues and provide a truly transformative experience for participants. You will receive training in facilitating, community building, partnership building and public speaking.

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Quelques réponses à TES questions

Some questions remain?
Here are the answers to the questions we are most often asked.

Who is the Match of the Century for?
Can I come alone to the Match of the Century?
How long does a Century Match last?
What if there is no proposed date for the Match of the Century in my city?
In which cities can I participate in the Match of the Century?
How does a Match of the Century work?
Who are the hosts of the Match of the Century?
Once I register, do I have to participate?
Does the Match of the Century pay off?
Is the workshop accessible to people with disabilities?
I want to propose a Century Match in my school, in my third place or in my company, how do I do?
Is the Match of the Century protected by a Creative Commons license?
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