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the match of the century

Whether you are between 18 and 99 years old, a carpenter, a teacher or an artist, live a unique adventure: become an animator from our workshop The Match of the Century!

Why become
Animator volunteer

Playing a key role

Each workshop will be a truly transformative experience for your participants. In 3 hours, you will enable them to change their view of their future, to regain their self-confidence and to find ideas to act today on the world of tomorrow.

Joining a movement of committed citizens

Our community refuses fatalism and shares the same deep desire to act to build a more egalitarian and ecological world.

Upgrading skills

You will be trained in the facilitation of this experience, in the posture of facilitator, in community animation and in public speaking.

Developing employability

You will be in contact with the actors of the Social and Solidarity Economy and the thousands of alumni of the Ticket for Change community, which can facilitate your search for a job with impact.

you want to
join adventure?

Sign up for an upcoming Century Match to gain access to dedicated Century Facilitator training!

I am registering

they became
Animators of the century

Director Hauts de France, ProBonoLab
Animator in Lille

"This adventure allowed me to meet some very nice people, to develop my network, to develop my skills and to feel even more legitimate when I applied for SSE Jobs."

Head of Transformation Programmes, Radiall
Animator in Paris

"Being a Match of the Century facilitator means contributing, through meetings, to arousing the desire of as many people as possible to take action, to identify their small steps to transform their daily lives. It also means forging links with people who share the same aspirations!

School teacher
Animator in Lyon

"I wanted to become an Animator to participate, in my own way, in the construction of a better world. I am happy to be able to spread the message and pedagogy of Ticket, in which I believe very much. I am convinced that we all have a role to play in shaping the world of tomorrow.