Higher education: your back-to-school seminar with Ticket for Change

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Make your first day of school a time of cohesion, enthusiasm and action

Ticket for change launches the Rentrée du siècle to mark the high point of the new school year in higher education institutions. 

On the program:

✨ A large-scale Century Match to integrate your students

👬 A strong moment of group cohesion through a playful, optimistic and immersive experience in 2050

🤩 A better knowledge of oneself and one's talents

🌱 Concrete action steps to take action in support of the transition.

📚 Trained facilitators within or outside your schools

By organizing the Rentrée du siècle in your school, you will allow your students to imagine the sustainable world in which they wish to live, but also to find their place in the construction of this world! They will leave with the desire to act for the cause that is important to them in their personal, academic and professional lives.

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They lived the Match of the Century and tell you about it:

From now on I'm going to think more seriously about what I want to get involved in and thanks to you I know where to start

I became aware that another vision is possible, I can write it. I now know what I want to commit myself to, without it being imposed on me

I leave with ambition and hope for the future. Now I just have to take action and I know where to start!