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4 workshops to engage your company in the transition


Today we know that companies must participate in collective action and take part in the ecological and social transition. But how to do so? Where to start? How can we get all our employees on board?

At a time when we are talking more and more about employees quitting their jobs and looking for meaning, companies must ask themselves what actions they can take to encourage employee commitment. This article will help you understand where to start and which workshop is best for you.

The climate mural

Be aware of the issues and understand the causes and consequences

This is THE workshop not to be missed and is on everyone's lips today.

"I did the mural", "I'm training in mural to deploy it in my business": we hear it more and more. And that's good! 

In 3 hours, this workshop allows company employees to better understand the links between greenhouse gases, human activities, climate change and their environmental and geopolitical consequences. It is guaranteed that even the most reluctant will be convinced: we can no longer close our eyes to the responsibility of companies in the face of climate change.

This collaborative workshop will make your employees want to change the way they look at their job.

Format : 3h

Objective: To raise awareness of climate change

2 tons

Understand your personal and collective ecological impact 

Did you know that in order to respect the Paris Agreement, we all have to live in a world with less than 2° of warming. To do this, we must limit ourselves individually and collectively to 2 tons of CO2 emissions. But in concrete terms, how can we measure our actions?

The "2 Tons" workshop is designed to do just that. In addition to providing a few ways to act individually, it makes employees aware of the importance of the collective efforts needed to achieve a real ecological shift. In each round, each participant will play individual and then collective cards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions until 2050, and try to reach the 2 tons. Fun, instructive: we recommend it!

Format : 3h

Objective: To raise awareness of individual and collective actions on the environment

Match of the century

‍Find outhow to act and take action

Being aware of the climatic, environmental and societal emergency is one thing, and it is already a great step forward. But after that? What do we do concretely to act? 

It is urgent to get out of our pessimistic, depressing vision that immobilizes us in our actions. Let's use our imagination to build new narratives, and think about the company of tomorrow.

The Match of the Century takes your employees on a journey to the year 2050, during which each person is invited to imagine the world in which they would like to live. Starting from their dreams and creativity, your employees build their vision of your company in 2050: what positive impact can it have on the world and society around us, and above all, how can it be achieved in practice?

At the end, your employees will leave with ideas for projects and actions to deploy within your organization the next day!

Format : 3h

Objective: To define its next steps to accelerate the ecological and social transition

Deep time walk

To align head, heart and body

How can we consider acting if our head, body and heart are not in agreement? 

Through a guided walk of 4.6 km, each person crosses the 4.6 billion years in which the Earth and the biosphere have evolved, grown and experienced twists and turns. 

Starting from the birth of our Earth, they all advance step by step in the history of our environment, passing through the great stages like the ice age, the appearance of life until the Anthropocene, highly problematic in the last millimeters of the walk(corresponding to the last years of our civilization)

Go there to live a strong physical and emotional experience!

Format : 3h

Objective: Understand the history of our civilization and take action

And now it's up to you, company employees, HR managers and CSR managers to take action! Organize one of these workshops within your organization!

To come and experience the Ticket for Change Match of the Century, meet us on March 24th in our offices (Paris) or contact us(

Manon Chevalier
Marketing & Development
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