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How to celebrate Christmas without having the balls for the planet?


The fresh air, the lights that illuminate the streets, the sweet smell of Christmas trees waiting to be decorated, the music that reminds us of those childhood memories by the fire, the projection of that meal with your not so nice uncle. Do you have it? That's it, Christmas is just around the corner. It's time to slow down and take care of yourself, but also of others by maybe sharing a hot chocolate.

Christmas is also the exciting or very stessing moment of the gifts: how to stay straight in one's boots and celebrate Christmas without having the balls for the planet?

We've put together our perfect list, filled with stories and impact, to fill Santa's sack with responsible gifts. On the program, gifts that do good and preserve the planet, proposed by Ticket for Change program alumni entrepreneurs!



Once upon a time, Marie and Antoine. Two individuals who didn't know each other until they took the entrepreneurial path of Ticket for Change. Since then, they have joined forces to allow everyone to rethink their consumption of clothing and to turn to 100% ethical and responsible brands.

La vie est belt

And there is Hubert. With his famous mustache, he decided to say that life was belt. Yes, belt.

Certainly passionate about bikes and belts, he combines these two worlds to offer us recycled tire belts, 100% fashion, 100% responsible and manufactured by people in professional reintegration in the North.



This is Benjamin. One day, while drinking his coffee, he realized that these little beans had traveled more miles than he had in his entire life. Can you imagine?

It offers a local and more responsible alternative to everyday coffee and tea.

Oé for good

Did you know that vines account for 20% of pesticides in France?

For Thomas, it is unacceptable that one of the most present products on our tables can be so harmful. Oé thus acts for a pesticide-free, organic, zero waste wine with winemakers who take care of their health! The grape on the cake? It is delicious!

The Galopaintes

Do you know the story of "who came to earth first with beer or bread"? We still don't have the answer. Thomas, on the other hand, has decided to link them forever. By recovering the unsold breads, he transforms them to make beer!

I can't wait for the chocolate bread beer (or chocolatine, for those who love the name)!


En Cavale

Did you know? 7-10 year olds spend almost 3 times more time online (1h26 per day) than their parents imagine (37min).

So let's say bye bye to the screens this year! Astrid and Margaux offer you great investigations to solve with our children, which arrive each month directly in your mailbox.


Once upon a time, Alma had two moms, Paul who was conceived through IVF, and Lila who was born premature.

These children have an extraordinary story and yet no book tells it. So Camille launched Bambadam, to allow each child to find his or her story and each parent to be able to tell it!


Behind Tomojo, there are two childhood friends, Madeleine and Paola, a militant dog (Mojo) and an ecological cat (Hiro). They all agree that we must act for the planet by consuming differently! By creating Tomojo, they propose an alternative to industrial kibbles: kibbles made of insects! You'll see, it hits the nail on the head!

We wish you a very merry (low carbon) Christmas!

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