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How to identify the right time to retrain and get support


Wondering if it's the right time to make a career change? Sometimes it's hard to take the first step towards taking action. That's why we let you be inspired by the story of Soufian, who decided to act for his destiny!


At 26, Soufian tells us about his atypical career path. He faced difficult job searches before finally finding a position as Area Manager in a large mobile industry company. He was then confronted with a real dissonance between his personal commitments in his daily life and what he was obliged to do in his job. He was able to detect the right moment to launch a professional reconversion by surrounding himself with the right people to support him in this process. Here is his testimony!

"For me and my conscience, I couldn't get up, make my bio-ethical coffee, put on my French-made jeans, then get in my diesel car to go sell phones."

The dissonance between personal and professional life

"I didn't want to just be green in the morning and evening when I got home anymore. It just wasn't right. Plus at that time my wife was pregnant with our daughter, so I needed even more to do something that made sense professionally. I took a big risk and quit my job a few months before my daughter was born. I left it partly because I was looking for training.

One day at 3am I couldn't sleep and my wife said "if you're going to do it, do it now or never". So I signed up for the Exploration program at Ticket for Change."

To be accompanied in its reconversion

A phrase I often say "It's when you don't wait for magic that magic happens". I quit my job on February 28, March 5-6 I did the Exploration weekend and on March 28 I started the job where I am currently.

The 3 points that marked him in Exploration:

1- The interview with my coach, Hélène, that we did at the very beginning of the program to defuse my fears

2- The weekend of Exploration with a capital E. From the first night, we met wonderful people with whom we shared many topics and concerns

3- The moment when we finally find our way and can say "I've finally found it".

His feelings about his new job

I work for Izidore, a market place specializing in the circular economy for used furniture and appliances. I love what I do, what's great is that the whole team has the same mentality. Before Exploration, I felt alone in having ecological, ethical and social concerns in my work and unfortunately in my group of close friends. Today, it's great to see that my colleagues and I try to take the same steps every day and that makes us feel comfortable. There is a lot of goodwill between all the members of the team. 

His advice if you are hesitating to start a professional reconversion

It is better to have failures than regrets! You have to take action by taking the first step, a skills assessment for example!

If you want to know everything about the steps of Soufian's professional reconversion, we let you listen to his complete testimony!

Psst... You should be interested!

If you too feel that this is the right time to embark on a career transition, then we suggest you take action by participating in the Exploration program! Our Impact Competency Assessment is for anyone who wants to find a career that combines meaning, fulfillment and positive impact. You can do it in parallel with your current job and it can be financed by your CPF!

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