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The match of the century company: Building your company's vision for 2050


The Match of the Century Enterprise: transforming companies for tomorrow's world

At a time when the ecological and social transition is overdue, when forecasts project us straight into the wall, it becomes difficult to imagine a positive version of our future. Yet it is becoming urgent to achieve it.

We all spend an average of 80,000 hours of our lives at work, so we measure the importance of the role of companies in building a more desirable world. Today, each company must integrate the environmental directives and fully commit to this transition.

But how to do it? How do you get all of your employees on board with this transition? Where to start when your organization is currently far from these topics? 

These are the questions that the 25 participants and 16 different companies answered on Friday, January 27, by participating in the Match of the century company!

‍Animmersive and optimistic workshop to build your company's vision

During 3 hours, the employees of the different companies present(Accenture, Suez, Indosuez, and many others) were transported into the world in 2050. What does my company look like in 2050? What impact do I want it to have? How can it take part in the ecological and social transition? These are the questions that everyone was able to answer.

By imagining the impact of their company and building a vision for it in 2050, each person was able to determine the role he/she would like to play to achieve this. Thus, at the end of the workshop, the employees left with actions and projects to be implemented within their structure the next day.

A journey by stages...

The power of imagination and new narratives

It is through a time of creativity and with the help of drawing, that each one imagines and dreams the world in which he/she wishes to live and work. What should society look like if it were to be more just? What should our world look like to be more sustainable? What role can my company play in building this world?

The employees thus choose the axis on which their company must act for the years to come in order to take part in the ecological and social transition.

Become an actor of change in your organization

Each participant will be given profile and talent cards by the others in their group. Each participant will then become aware of his/her talents and aspirations to act within the company. Thanks to this strong and convivial moment, the employees define their specific role that they wish to play in the transition of your organization.

Take action the next day

Thanks to the last part of the workshop, each employee leaves with the same desire: to act and take action the next day!

Making an appointment with so-and-so, going to meet such-and-such an association, setting up a working group to carry out a project... So many examples of next actions that employees have carried out after having experienced the Match of the Century company!


Some testimonials:

Laurène, Human Resources and Employer Brand Manager

"What I remember is this constant movement with small activities that engage. I really liked this work on profiles and talents, it is concrete to understand how to act and easy to propose to teams. I can propose this work to employees so that they can find their profile as an actor of change."

Joachim, Training manager and coach

"I feel energized and intellectually stimulated. The positivity and benevolence have greatly enhanced the group with an individual dimension in a collective work. I want to involve my colleagues in this work of reflection and creativity. To imagine sustainable solutions for the company and for us".

It's your turn to play! Come and experience the Match of the Century

We invite you to come and test this immersive experience every two months!

To do so, register here for our next session on 24/03/2023

or contact us:

Manon Chevalier
Marketing & Development
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