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Meeting with Thierry SIBUT, President, and Edwige STROISCH, CSR Manager and Mission Manager, at Ponthier

Ponthier is a small business established in Corrèze for 75 years, specializing in the processing of fruit, mainly for the gastronomy industry in over 90 countries. The company is committed to ensuring that the fruit manufactured in its workshops makes a lasting contribution to the well-being of humans and the preservation of nature. 

Their mission: "to defend the gourmet, healthy and responsible fruit", to inspire all its stakeholders.

In 2022, the company committed itself to the "mission-based company" approach by being accompanied by Corporate for Change, the Community of mission-based companies and makesense.

Why did you decide to become a mission company?

Being a company with a mission is considered to be one of the strongest markers for affirming the company's CSR ambitions. It obliges the company to respect its commitments and to show its trajectory through its statutory objectives. We are also convinced that the mission committee, made up of multidisciplinary experts, will be a source of enrichment and challenges to take us as far as possible.

What did the Leaders with a Mission course bring you?

The Leaders with a Mission course allowed us to acquire knowledge and expertise through meetings with pioneers such as Emery Jacquillat from CAMIF or Franck Carnero from MAIF. We also benefited from the feedback of our peers. Throughout the course we were able to identify good practices and points of vigilance.

We feel better equipped to manage this process within our company.

Where are you now and what is your next challenge?

We are proud to be able to live our quality of a company with a mission. Our next challenge is to create the conditions for the Mission Committee to work fully, for its members to grow, and for the collective intelligence to feed our company.

What advice would you give to a company that wants to embark on the path to a mission-based company?

IMPERATIVE: co-construct with all stakeholders at all stages, it is a team effort!

And more globally, approach the CSR trajectory with ambition and humility thanks to a clear vision and mission!

Want to start your company on the path to the mission-driven company too?
Join " Leaders with a Mission ", the next class of training will be launched on January 13, 2023 by Corporate for Change, the Community of Companies with a Mission and makesense.
Alice Godinho
Development and partnerships
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