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What are my first steps to get involved?


Not always easy to know where to start. That's why we created the Match of the Century: a powerful workshop to start your journey as a change agent. Don't panic, we're not talking about revolutionizing the world on your own, but about defining the levers on which you want to act, you as an inhabitant of this planet and actor of our society!

Where do I start to get involved? 

We interviewed 3 participants of the Match of the Century:

- Eric, who works in a company that makes airplane engines, recently embarked on intrapreneurship to imagine an eco-design chain for these engines;

- Keanai, in the middle of a professional reconversion after having worked for more than a decade in a design agency;

- Noha, a student in international relations in a business school, is very active in various associations at her school and sows seeds around her to get other students involved.

They share with us their approaches, their desires, their commitments, and how the Match of the Century has helped them!

Eric, Keanai and Noha, three beneficiaries of the Match of the Century

"I came away from the Match of the Century thinking that actually 2050 is hyper positive!" - Keanai

What made you want to participate in the Match of the Century? 

Eric: I've been thinking for a few years about how to give meaning to what I do, especially in my work. So I signed up for several workshops, including the Match of the Century!

Keanai: When I started my skills assessment, my coach immediately told me about you and in particular about the MOOC "Become an entrepreneur of change", which I started. Afterwards, I received a newsletter from Ticket for Change in which it was written that we could participate in the Match of the Century. I liked the fact that you could go without needing to know anything about the SSE milieu, or without being vegan from head to toe. I had also read the "What do you do for a living?" Manifesto which I found very interesting. So I decided to join the workshop!

Noha: I went there thinking that I would try out this Ticket for Change program, and that it could then help me make things happen inside Kedge Business School(her school). I was on the other side of the world and I advanced my return ticket to participate!

What did you gain from this workshop? 

Eric: This workshop gave me new ideas and new perspectives of involvement. One of the big difficulties in a company like mine is that not all the people who work in it have knowledge of environmental issues. And this is a very good way to get in!

Keanai: I found the workshop very structured, very positive and that everyone came with a lot of kindness!

Noha : I think that the Match of the Century allows us to sow seeds, it seemed to me to be a great opportunity to change Kedge from the inside !

What do you recommend to facilitate the transition to action after the Match of the Century? 

Keanai: You have to strike while the iron is hot! After the workshop, you come back with lots of ideas, you think you're going to change the world, but very quickly, if you go back to your routine, your breath goes out. What I did was to subscribe to a lot of newsletters and to force myself to read them and to go to the workshops that were proposed, to maintain this momentum!

Noha: As a student, I have always tried to learn about sustainable development by going to events for example. I'm thinking in particular of the Impact France movement with the Universités d'Eté, or the World Impact Summit which will take place soon, I also interviewed Matthieu Dardaillon during an intrapreneurship day at the school. But I know that it's not the case for all students, you have to go and ask them often. So I often motivate people by telling them about upcoming interesting events to rally people to the cause.

The Match of the Century in 3 words 

Noha : Stakeholder, Imagination and Commitment !

Ready for your first step? 

Participants in the Match of the Century

As Keanai says, strike while the iron is hot! So if you liked their testimony, sign up for the next Match of the Century workshop! It's a 3-hour workshop that will make you co-construct your ideal world of 2050, through which you will discover your strengths and the levers on which you want to act to change the world.

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