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The Manifesto
Ticket for change

" What do you do for a living?"

A 70-page manifesto, read in an hour, that has the power to influence a lifetime. A plea to respond to the widespread search for meaning and to trigger a change of heart. 

We share concrete ways and many examples of how to turn your professional life into a career with impact, whatever your age, background or profession.

Following the success of the book "Activate your talents, they can change the world", we wanted to share Ticket for Change's vision in a short and accessible format.

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70 pages that have the power to influence a lifetime

The urgency to act

Ecological and social emergencies: the decade 2020 must be the decade of action to invent a new model of society. Everyone has a role to play!

The lever of work

We work an average of 80,000 hours in our lives. It is urgent to ask ourselves whether our work is part of the problem or part of the solution.

Changing the system

To change things on a large scale and in depth, the whole of education, guidance and the world of employment must be reinvented. And that's good news, because we have some ideas for action.


There are 3 main strategies for engaging in a career with impact: transforming your job, finding a new job, creating your job. And you, what will be your path?

In summary:


key insights

inspiring examples

concrete paths

hour of reading

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All royalties from this book are donated to the non-profit organisation Ticket for Change.

Order the book

For whom?

For all those who think they have a role to play in the major challenges of the 21st century: students, employees, job seekers, entrepreneurs or managers in search of meaning and positive impact in their professional lives. But also all those who have not yet asked themselves the question! 

Companies, universities & schools: It is possible to place group orders for books by writing to

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Join the community of readers and share what makes you tick.

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Mobilising around the book

We have designed a conversation kit so that you can discuss these topics with your family, your friends, your colleagues, your students...

Download the conversation kit

participate in the movement

Our dream is that the manifesto will be widely distributed in schools and companies, available in train stations, libraries, third places... and that it will help to change mentalities!

We have designed tools so that everyone can become an ambassador and contribute to the dissemination of this new concept of work.

I become an ambassador

the co-authors

Joséphine Bouchez and Matthieu Dardaillon are co-founders of Ticket for Change.

This is an important step for us because, after 7 years of action, we have sought to formalise the vision of Ticket for Change in a short format that is accessible to all. We hope that this manifesto can be widely distributed, particularly in companies and schools, to really enable a large-scale transition!

- Joséphine & Matthieu

- Joséphine & Matthieu

readers' opinion

Beware: this book could change your life! [...] It is hard to find a more inspiring book. A precious gift.''

Frédéric Lopez, television host and producer

You are lucky! This book will help you to reveal yourself. Firstly to yourself, because you are extraordinary. And then to the world, because your talents only exist to shine in the service of others! ''

Félix de Monts, founder of Vendredi

Like Gandhi or Pierre Rabhi before him, Matthieu Dardaillon invites us to move from being spectators to being actors of change.

Arnaud Mourot, Ashoka, the world's leading network of social entrepreneurs

Unleash your creativity, activate your talents, invent the world of tomorrow! Everything is to be done, the only limit is the time we have no more to lose..."

Maxime de Rostolan, founder of Fermes d'Avenir

''Matthieu Dardaillon delivers here a book... of public utility!

Marie Trellu-Kane, co-founding president of Unis-Cité

To all those who want to change things, to participate in the construction of a more united, fairer and more inclusive world, I strongly recommend reading this book.

Saïd Hammouche, President and founder of Mozaik RH

Thanks to all these tools and advice, I am now making a daily contribution to changing the world in my own way. I know why I get up in the morning and I live my work with passion.

Julie Chapon, co-founder of Yuka

''The reference book for all those who want to contribute to the improvement of our societies. It is urgent and important to read it, and especially to put it into practice!"

Youssef Oudahman, co-founder of Meet My Mama

This book is an urgent call to summon in each of us what we are here for! "

Lakdar Kherfi, founder of Médiations Nomades

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My Ticket selects the best resources for all those who wish to use their work to contribute to major social and environmental challenges and to engage in a career with impact.
These resources are produced by Ticket for Change and a group of recognised players(Ashoka, Birdeo, ESSEC, Europe 1, Maddyness, Makesense, Les Echos...).

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