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Deploying its raison d'être to 18,000 employees in Asia

Our challenge

Following Veolia's affirmation of its raison d'être, Veolia Asia has taken on board the group's approach to appropriation and transformation in all its business units. The first step is to bring on board and lead a community of 25 Purpose Officers in Asia (a Purpose Officer is a person in charge of deploying the purpose).

Client :
Duration :
Trade :
Supporting intrapreneurial projects

What we experienced

How to get this group of 25 Purpose Officers moving? How can we enable the Purpose Officers to become catalysts for change: deploying the purpose to the 18,000 employees of Veolia Asia, integrating it into the heart of the company's business and processes and making it a real lever for the company's transformation? 

This is the purpose of this 3-step distance learning course that we have co-constructed with Nina Cambadelis, Head of Purpose & Sustainability at Veolia Asia. On the programme:

What this has made possible

A key stage in the appropriation and setting in motion of the Purpose Officers after a kick-off organised at the beginning of January 2021, this course has enabled :

different nationalities among the Purpose Officers, representing 6 Asian countries
4.3 / 5
level of confidence of the Purpose Officers at the end of the course regarding their mission, a strong increase compared to the beginning of the course
roadmap written around 4 pillars identified to deploy the raison d'être and transform the business


Head of Purpose & Sustainability - Veolia Asia

"With Corporate for Change, Veolia Asia was able to create the conditions for the Purpose Officers' community to take off. Through this rich journey of collective intelligence, the team has accelerated and strengthened its commitment to embodying the company's purpose. A beautiful story that has only just begun!"

The team's hobbies

A completely new cultural environment for us, a source of rich learning!

A Purpose Officer's mission that is new to everyone, requiring a high degree of adaptation throughout the design and animation of the course!

A fluid, demanding, agile and dynamic co-construction of the course with the client, under the seal of mutual trust!

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